Small Wood House By ACAA

small house corner detail Soranitatuie by ACAA

In a constantly moving world, the need for space is so striking, there’s no need to emphasize it anymore. Whether for living space or recreational destinations, making the most of a small parcel is a vital challenge in itself.

This 67.08m2/277square feet wood house built on a 408.74m2/4,400square feet site is a valuable source of inspiration for small residential constructions. Built by Kazuhiko Kishimoto’s ACAA Architectural Design Studio, the Soranitatuie one story wooden house was completed in 2012.

ideas small wood house by ACAA

The structural design signed by Makoto Yokoo (OUVI); with external waterproof finish and roof, the Soranitatuie house has PB EB inner walls with cedar panels floors and porcelain tiles.

small house by ACAA white interior

The textures used for internal finishes help the mind conquer the space by not letting itself fooled by the small surface. Wood floorings and wall / ceiling paneling, large windows helping the natural light flood the relatively restraint space, the continuously white surfaces for the common & functional areas are as helpful as simple tricks to make the best of a small living area. ::Hiroshi Ueda photography::

white interior small house by ACAA

small house design Soranitatuie by ACAA

white interior space small house by ACAA

ideas small wood house interior by ACAA

small house design large windows ACAA Soranitatuie

interior space small house by ACAA

small wood house by ACAA

small wood house Soranitatuie by ACAA

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