Charming Loft: Broome Street By MAS

Urban Loft New York by MAS

Charmingly but effectively folding together urban architectural demands and youthful modern living, New York’s Broome Street Loft by Manifold Architecture Studio was completed in March 2011.

The main focus of this residential project was to recreate the living space through minor renovations for a more unified spatial perspective. The demands were fully met with just a few radical improvements in various areas such as the bathroom and the guest room.

New York loft by MAS

The industrial-shabby chic of this urban loft revolves around a spiral stair tying the otherwise white space. A wonderful library with a gallery was obtained in an extension of the mezzanine clearly separating the working/study area from the living/entertaining main zones.

New York loft by MAS Mezzanine library

Minimal yet eclectic, this living space is a perfect illustration of the NY modern youthful taste for interior decoration and housing culture.

Modern Interior decoration NY Loft by MAS

Founded by Philipp and Kit von Dalwig in 2004, New York based Manifold Architecture Studio takes on various commercial and residential projects with the same respect and sensibility towards architecture, design, strategy and innovation.

industrial spiral stairs New York Loft by MAS

marbled bathroom New York Loft by MAS

industrial bathroom New York Loft by MAS

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