Nature Inspired Furniture: Round Coffee Table By SMFD

nature inspired furniture SMFD Round Coffee Table

Designing a coffee table is a delicate mission as one must have an innate sense of entertaining and socializing to be able to pull out the perfect piece of furniture for the given purpose. Gathering around it for a nice cup of tea or coffee, like the name suggests it or just delivering the daily dose of practicality, the coffee table is a vital element of a house’s interior decor.

The talented designer behind SMF D, Skylar Morgan, did a wonderful job when he imagined and produced his Round Coffee Table. That’s what you get when you take nature as your inspiration.

The shapes used in Skylar Morgan’s SMFD’s designs are directly pulled out of the nature while the materials used in every one of the pieces are recycled rare woods. The obvious, unmatched quality of handmade furniture is clearly visible in every corner & every line of every item.

nature inspired furniture SMFD Round Coffee Table detail

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