Colorful Decor Accents By EVRT Studio

3D wall art interior decoration ideas EVRT Studio

Finding the right accessory for the right interior mood can often be more challenging than finding the right interior. Tapestry, wall art, miscellaneous décor items small or not so small make a real home, build the comfort and set the atmosphere.

And these lovely décor accents from EVRT Studio build a rather joyful setting. Be it for urban decoration or city-limits home accents, the various décor elements imagined by Brian Everett complete an interior and help it be cozier, warmer, more welcoming.

seismic blue rug EVRT Studio

Worked in collaboration with CB2 and other retailers, the interior pieces created by Brian Everett only complete his opus as a designer. He opened his EVRT Studio with his wife, Lori, an architect and together, they bestow their love for life, clean lines and joyful living onto every aspect of design. Really a happy feast for every interior.

modern rug EVRT Studio

home office decoration ideas EVRT Studio

urban wall art Office decoration EVRT Studio

beautiful wall art EVRT Studio

modern wall art EVRT Studio

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