Majestuos Modern Living Space: Casa Salomon By Miguel Aragones

tall modern windows Aragones Casa Solomon

Without overrating or trying to create an unnecessary living hyperbole, this space is what I would, unreservedly, call majestuous residential project. There’s a study of simplicity through complex architectural processing of natural materials and resources that makes Miguel Aragones’s vision a truly wonderful one.

The extent of his architectural imagination goes beyond time and space, creating a perfect alignment of useful and solemn design. In short: living in a house conceived by Miguel Aragones is like living in a museum.

Miguel Aragones Casa Solomon exterior

Casa Salomon is just another example in that direction, as being Miguel Aragones’s latest creation. The descriptive discourse presenting Casa Salomon itself is incredibly epic, dignifying the oratory of an architectural historian more than anything, hinting at the real source of Aragones’s inspiration: Luis Barragan, Ricardo Legoretta – the very epitomes of Mexican Architecture. He may not be as colorful, but the subtlety of the shapes and lines created by Miguel Aragones will surely outlive him and class him among the world’s most eminent architects.

outstanding function wall art Miguel Aragones Casa Solomon

modern wall art Miguel Aragones Casa Solomon

Miguel Aragones Casa Solomon interior

Miguel Aragones Casa Solomon interior detail

Miguel Aragones latest project Casa Solomon

modern kitchen Miguel Aragones Casa Solomon

staircase Miguel Aragones Casa Solomon

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