Innovative Kitchen Table Design By Butz + Klug

innovative Kitchen Table Butz Klug

Designing a piece of kitchen furniture, although it sounds like a wonderful, simple and practical idea may very well end up like a marvelous, stubborn and upsetting migraine.

Kitchens are never easy to redesign. Obeying the cooking practicality rules and bending under the new entertaining directives, revolutionizing kitchen furniture items could end up in a nightmare design situation. Butz + Klug’s Kitchen table concept surprises through its unexpected versatility.

innovative Kitchen Table view Butz Klug

Rooted in the early 20th century architecture signed by French Architect Jean Prouvé, this new kitchen table doubles as a marbled countertop kitchen island and a kitchen table as well. It can accommodate several kitchen cooking scenarios (single cook, two cooks, cook and guests etc) and it’s essentially mobile.

innovative Kitchen Table design Butz Klug

Acting in the client’s best interest, the Butz + Klug team was often described as obsessive due to the extreme care for the details in each of their projects. But that for the best on both ends of the lucrative scepter.

innovative Kitchen Table details Butz Klug

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