Charming Rustic Furniture By Goncalo Campos

Charming rustic furniture Goncalo Campos

I’m a strong believer and practitioner of the ‘less is more’ philosophy. As such, the Rustic Furniture Collection designed by Goncalo Campos fits right in and sweeps me off of my feet.

The collection was designed by the gifted Portuguese product designer Goncalo Campos during one of his residencies in the north region of Portugal – the Região Norte – of which the renowned city of Porto is capital. The region has a profound historic and cultural value and thus being an important inspiration source for the designer.

Charming rustic furniture Goncalo Campos cabinet

Using solid wood which is already considered an endangered artisanal industry, Goncalo Campos went on an aesthetic mission to explore the design potential of this precious natural resource. The results are as lovely as they are witty, all in white and natural wood hues.

Charming rustic furniture Goncalo Campos table

Separately or together, the pieces of the Rustic Collection are deeply charming in their quiet rustic minimalist style.

Charming rustic cabinet Goncalo Campos

Rustic furniture Goncalo Campos backstage making of

Rustic furniture Goncalo Campos from design to reality

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