Elegant City Apartment East 75th Street By Thad Hayes

city apartment dining Thad Hayes

Saying that the interior design work of Thad Hayes is excellently tasteful is like saying that the sky is blue or that the water is wet. That obvious. Thad Hayes’ style is a great example of refined, elegant yet so complex and eclectic that there’s simply no way of going around it.

I chose this City Apartment today because is as slick as it gets, but even so, perfectly cozy and suitable for habitation. Both the general color scheme and the simple lines are attributes I value in interior design, every time the right balance between modern and basic is struck.

city apartment wall art Thad Hayes

Natural materials (wood, stone) have been used to create a sumptuously elegant urban space that binds together useful spaces and artistic detailing in a really harmonious, contemporary way. I was particularly drawn to the wall art used in decorating the place and the restrained, discrete presence of furniture elements.

city apartment interior decoration by Thad Hayes

But that’s one of Thad Hayes’ brilliant trademarks, sign of his utter, undeniable and widely recognized designing talents. Had he followed another path, we would’ve been deprived of a existential genius. Thad Hayes is so accurate in his human&environment study that he somehow manages the perfect transaction between decorating, living, using and enjoying one’s space, whatever or wherever that may be.

apartment fireplace Thad Hayes

city apartment study Thad Hayes

city apartment terrace Thad Hayes

NY apartment interior designed by Thad Hayes

city apartment bathroom Thad Hayes

city apartment decorated by Thad Hayes

city apartment bedroom Thad Hayes

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