Jewelry Chest Concept: Ev By Danny Kamerath

Jewelry chest concept drawers Danny Kamerath

The silhouette and the look of this concept furniture piece had me at first sight. There’s something odd but classic about this jewelry chest that makes it just as charming as an abstract rendering of a giraffe.

And maybe that was in Danny Kamerath’s mind when he imagined and built the Ev Jewelry Chest. It’s a classic piece of furniture, in its concept stage, made from afromosia, anigre, birch, ebony and Texas ebony.

wooden Jewelry Chest Danny Kamerath

I’m always partial to classic materials and innovative shapes. The Ev chest is a lovely design composition changing and adapting – or better said – evolving, shaping at the owner’s wish and necessity with more or less drawers. Either way, it does make an interesting addition to one’s wardrobe or any other room. Winner of the Niche Awards 2013, Danny Kamerath‘s Ev Cabinet is perfectly classy but functional to make an eyecatching addition to any room’s inventory.

award winning furniture Danny Kamerath Ev

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