Flower Lamps By Atelier Areti

black Alouette pendant lamp Atelier Areti

Constantly puzzled about the way spring just keeps missing us lately and permanently asking where its beautiful, fragranced flowers, its warm, joyful sunrays have hidden, I started a quest for flowery, spring-reminding items.

The wonderful lamps with flower names and shapes from Atelier Areti were just a natural stop in my quest. The Marguerite pendant lamp, the Calyx Pendant light, the Leaf wall lamp, the Mimosa Pendant, they all enchanted me! Not to mention the Sunrise wall/ceiling lamp or the Alouette Lamps series!

minimal Calyx pendant Atelier Areti

The hand made quality, the simple shapes and beautiful inspiration are not limited by the choice of materials (Marguerite and Calyx are made from solid cast brass, Leaf, Alouette and Mimosa are made from powder coated metal while Sunrise is hand blown crystal glass) or the colors palette (they come in various chromatics from white to yellow, black or plain brass) but they do pay homage to a simple, nature-inspired minimalist style.

gorgeous Mimosa pendant Atelier Areti

The Areti Atelier, although based in London and France, nurtures closed ties with partner design studios from Sweden and Germany. The main focus of the talented team of architects, artists and designers is to imagine and produce long lasting items of exceptional quality.

gorgeous Marguerite pendant Atelier Areti

leaf wall lamp Atelier Areti

Primarily concentrated on interior décor accessories, small furniture and lighting, The Areti Atelier is building quite a name for its creations.

Sunrise lamp Atelier Areti

Alouette desk lamp Atelier Areti

Alouette lamps by Atelier Areti

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