Sahara Stool By Chris Ruhe

Sahara Stool by Chris Ruhe

Sahara kruk has taken the world of design by storm. Made by Dutch Designer Chris Ruhe, this flexible wooden stool was inspired by nature itself.

The designer was impressed by the woods resistance and flexibility in a tree’s everyday weather facings. This design makes the wood rings almost unbreakable, the worse that could happen is flatten the rings under heavy load. The beechwood rings have been laminated vertically with practically invisible glue. The thing that surprised me the most is that this Sahara Stool has been proven effective against back pains! Now that makes it quite an investment!

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  1. Gosh I hate to give another silly remark but these stools look like dehydrated pancakes.I wouldn’t want to see beth Ditto sitting on it.Anyway hats off to Chris Ruhe for the eco consideration.

    Dolly Bird

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