Relaxing Chair: Filtti Chair By Jonas Hakaniemi

slick chair Filtti Chair by Jonas Hakaniemi

The wonderful challenge of finding the perfect chair which would balance aesthetics and functionality has a magnetic quality to it, always pushing me further into new design territories.

Jonas Hakaniemi’s Filtti chair is a unique piece of furniture trying to bring together minimalism and comfort in a singular sitting solution.

A nice, slick silhouette and a sturdy allure, Filtti could very well be the next big chair thing. If expanded on a global produce scale. For the moment, though it was filed under ‘unique’.

Jonas Hakaniemi is a Finnish designer with over 15 years of experience in designing various projects, engaging numerous customers and design studios. His innovative approach is continuously perfected with each and every stroke of his versatile imagination.

black chair Filtti Chair by Jonas Hakaniemi

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