Clash Bench By Samuli Naamanka

Clash Bench Samuli Naamanka

I’m always intrigued and fascinated by clever design. Ergonomic thinking is so challenging and wonderful!

Finnish designer Samuli Naamanka found a way to reduce comfort with an important ergonomic factor, giving us the Clash Series. Clash stools, clash table, clash bench. I chose to feature the Clash Bench because it’s more interesting than a simple stool and clearly more complex than a table.

Clash Bench Samuli Naamanka 2

Linear and elegant, the Clash Bench is effective and simple, everything you could ever ask from a bench. The seats are form-pressed different kinds of wood and the base is matt-/chromed. (you can read more about the designer Samuli Naamanka and see more of his work on his website, here)

Clash Bench Samuli Naamanka 4

Clash Bench Samuli Naamanka 1

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  1. It doesn’t look very comfortable…

    Sure you can stack it, but would you sit on it?


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