Wooden Flooring For The Kitchen Space

White Kitchen Dining wooden flooring Neil Lerner

Based on a suspicion I had for quite some time now, I came to the conclusion that wooden flooring and modern kitchen spaces do rather well together!

Why? Well let’s take small places for instance: it works out the space delimitation between your living/cuisine place. It’s just one flooring finish, creating the illusion of endless space (limited, true, but optically deceiving endless).

Beige Kitchen wooden flooring SN Collection

Second why? Because wood is just as resistant as any other flooring material (give or take some percentage), however, you cannot match a hardwood flooring’s warmth and looks. Opting for solid hardwood or laminate flooring is more a matter of budgets than aesthetics. Clearly the recommendation would go towards solid hardwood, but nowadays, laminate flooring can be an easy DIY solution to interior decoration boredom.

White kitchen wooden flooring Neil Lerner

I could go on the pros list, the most important factor you’ll base your decision on is knowing how functional your kitchen space will really be and just how integrated it is/will be in your living space. Open kitchens tend to erase the fine line between the classic matriarchal destination of the kitchen space, making it more available for full living integration. (photos Neil Lerner, SN Collection)

Neil Lerner kitchen

Wenge Kitchen wooden floor SN Collection

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