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Fenetres 31 1 For WindowsFor quite some time I made a passion in finding different ways to decorate the windows. Curtains, layers, it all comes down to the result.

Fenêtres 3.1 is a great blind for your office window as it allows you to stay system focused even when dreaming, staring at the window. I wanted to show you this for the fun of it and because it really fits, no matter how weird it seems. I know my husband would strongly disagree since he’s a Linux user. To be honest, I have my resent regarding the blue screen too (last time I saw it on my laptop screen, I lost a hard disk). Would you consider updating your windows with the latest version available? (even if not, isn’t this a neat idea?) (via)

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  1. Sniff…..I always had this one to stare at with XP now I’ve Vista, I don’t like Vista at all but even more so because this view isn’t available anymore. I just loved that sky….
    There’s one room in my appartment with such a miserable view,its my “workroom” for sewing and do the iron and things like that, the big closets are there too. In that room it would be great to experiment with fun window decoration!
    So yes, its a great idea.


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