Space Savers – F2 The Folding Table By Nils Frederking

Folding Table by Nils Frederking

A brilliant idea yet so overpriced! The F2 Folding Table by Nils Frederking is an easy to store, easy to mount and easy to use folding furniture.

It looks minimal and sleek and could work wonders in any space – from a private home to a lounge or restaurant. The table and be brought together with just an easy circular move. It’s available in walnut or gloss white lacquer and has a steel chrome frame. The three panels forming the top are ingeniously articulated. The table has also matching chairs that you can fold and unfold in three simple steps. You can see the demonstrative short movie for the Folding table after the pictures and see for yourself if the $2,720 price tag is justified. (via)
The Folding Table by Nils Frederking

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  1. This table could be very useful but for $2,700 I can stay with a normal one.


  2. Too overprice yes, brilliant idea though when you’ve not enough room.


  3. HI, I live in Australia and would like to buy this, where can I source it?


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