Turning The Table – Balmoral Pool Table

Balmoral Pool table

Because it’s fun and could actually work, I wanted to share with you this very special table – the Pool table.

You can have your very own, very normal dinner table on one side and if you turn it, it will instantly transform into a Pool table in just few seconds. I don’t think the price is justified – $5,400 since this kind of two in one products normally target those who suffer from lack of space, but it’s an interesting concept after all. It’s available in two colors – oak and mahogany, it also comes with 2” snooker balls, 2x cues, 2 person scorer, chalk, brush and wood triangle. However, someone who can pay 5k for a table like this one, couldn’t be more likely that he/she had a special designated room for recreation and as such, playing pool in the dining room would be ridiculous? (via 1, 2)

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