Urban Villa Domus Malles By Metrogramma, Bolzano Italy

Domus Malles Metrogramma 9

Residential architecture has become less and less impressive nowadays. Lack of space, time or/and money could be some of the reasons behind the residential dull-design.

But when a project demands for high creativity and the architects are completely up to the task, you’ve got something like the Urban Villa Domus Malles popping up in the scenery. The 2,500,000 euro residential project is located in Bolzano, Italy and was designed by architects Andrea Boscietti, Alberto Francini and Enzo Fontana from Metrogramma. The 14 apartment residential building was started in 2006 and finished in 2007.

Domus Malles 
Metrogramma 2

What surprised me the most about Metrogramma’s Domus Malles were the windows. There are some very interesting bow windows patented by Metrogramma – Sogeca that fall perfectly into the fractured geometry of this residential building. The pictures were taken by Daniel Bellini.

Domus Malles Metrogramma 5

Domus Malles Metrogramma 7

Domus Malles Metrogramma 8

Domus Malles Metrogramma 1

Domus Malles Metrogramma 3

Domus Malles Metrogramma 6

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