Sustainable Furniture By William Stranger

William Stranger table

Wood-craftsman since 1987, William Stranger makes sustainable furniture using wood salvaged from the urban landscape.

His deep respect for the environment pushed him to use responsibly acquired materials to make his furniture. Even so, William Stranger likes trees more than tables.

Monolith table William Stranger

Monolith bench William Stranger

anomaly table William Stranger

new eyes mirror root bookcase William Stranger

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  1. This is nice wood, but the designs under utilize how beautiful the wood can actually be. Slapping a few boards together in an asymetrical minimalistic way may be architecturally appealing to the same vapid people that love IKEA, but is it fine art? I guess it is in the eye of the beholder.


  2. Stranger does a great job at woodworking per se—but I personally do not see any groundbreaking compositions or creative and unique use of materials.

    In wood making I believe it is imperative that the artist or craftsman capitalize on the materials unique characteristics–the piece should celebrate the wood, grain, texture and not compete with it-I believe once complete –one should get a sense of its transcendent nature as if untouched by a craftsman. woodworking is a way for a man to express his love for the inherent beauty of the material he works with–including it’s flaws. To say that these pieces of furniture are beautiful are very subjective: I ask that you ask: What part of the piece is mans work, and what part of the piece is natures? If you can see within the piece of furniture a difference then we have to say that the piece is manipulated. Where does a mans hand influence the wood and when does the wood influence a mans touch?

    Geery L

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