Tattooed Chair By Mama Tried

Tattoed chair by Mama Tried

If your loyalty lies with the rebellious ways of life, this is a certified product to prove yourself.

A hand tattooed leather chair. It has a very retro bourgeois air but it’s adorned in the spirit of the latest trends with a skull. Undoubtedly artistic, this hand tattooed leather chair is made by the Mama Tried studios, run by Scott Campbell, a very renowned tattoo artist.

Tattoed table and pillow by Mama Tried

You can also opt for a laser engraved table and a matching pillow, all hand tattooed for an impressively contemporary design.

Tattooed table by Mama Tried

Laser Tattooed table by Mama Tried

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  1. I wouldn’t have the chair in my home but I like it! As I like the other stuff……


  2. This is hot to death. i love it, the price is high but thats the price for one of a kind cool artwork.

  3. submition
    Thank You

  4. Wow, those are classsssss-y! The’d look great in a modern or historical home ;)


  5. I love the chair. I would probably buy it for a friend of mine who loves skulls though, as it wouldn’t work with anything I own.

  6. […] Susan on Dec.08, 2008, under Art, Fashion There are not a lot of tattoo related furniture or accent designs but I think you’ll see more options in the future. More and more people are […]

  7. I love it, And would totally have that in my home,
    I hope to hunt the creators down when i open my own stor one day.

    Skull Star Customs

  8. Hey,

    I just love the chair!!! It would be perfect with my dinningtable. Does anyone know where I can buy them??

    Hege Sundstol

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