How To : Have A Natural, Relaxing Bathroom

Natural Relaxing Bathroom trees mural

If you feel there’s something that can be done to bring your living space closer to nature, don’t hesitate!

Besides, there’s really no need to justify placing a woodland mural in your bathroom. Just take note and reflect: It brings the nature closer than anything else, it’s always green and it doesn’t need watering! (the mural is a classic Surface View mural)

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  1. I am decorating my appartment and would like some creative ideas on what I should put on the walls. I am a photographer with a blank thought and no ideas in mind. kind on silly to say but this is what it is. I am decorating the bedroom, livingroom, bathroom, and the kitchen. I just have no cule right now what to take a pitcure of and make it into life so I can put it on my wall. Help PleasE!! The dead line in April 11th Thanks.


  2. Sarah, Have you seen the vinyl stick-ons that you can get a craft stores? Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann all have them. Some are just quotes, and others are a combination of large and small stick-ons. They’re great for apartments/dorms, because they are easily removed and repositioned. Even Walmart carries some of the quotation ones! Good luck :-)


  3. yo house is da boom


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