Schema Carver Chairs By Geoff Machen

Schema Carver Chairs by Geoff Machen

Even if it’s a range of upholstered seating designed for restaurants and bars, Schema carver by Geoff Machen look attractive enough to make its ways into a modern dining too.

Schema chairs are available in oak, ash or beech stained to client’s specification. There’s also the choice between fabric or leather. The chair’s proportions are traditional but its low profile is rather original especially with the tapered seat cushions, cutting out in the linear profile of the Schema chair. (via)

Schema Carver Chairs by Geoff Machen leather

Schema Carver Chairs by Geoff Machen fabric

Schema Carver stools by Geoff Machen

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  1. I absolutely love these chairs!They’re unusual,look comfortable and solid.I’ve taken note of the mark/label.

    Dolly Bird

  2. Agrees with Dolly Bird and like to add to it that these chairs are very practical too. Multi-functional!


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