Go Eco Conscious! Wattson Helps You Save Energy!

Wattson by Diy Kyoto 2

Environment concern gets everyone on the move and to work. Wattson is the perfect example that things can really change! All it takes it a bit of education and control and the daily energy waste is a matter of history!

Wattson is made by DIY Kyoto and it shows the home’s electricity use when on or off. The costs are displayed in watts or cost (£ or €). Wattson is wireless and portable, uses 5 watts and the display battery is rechargeable.

Wattson by Diy Kyoto 3

Wattson stores up to 28 days of electricity use information in its internal memory. If you use Holmes (Wattson’s optional software) on your computer, you can get exact measurements, on daily or weekly basis. Wattson is also available in special limited edition with wooden appearance.

Wattson by Diy Kyoto 1

Buying Wattson you also receive a sensor clip and a transmitter. The sensor clip attaches to the electricity cables leading to the fuse box. The sensor clip plugs into the transmitter which needs to be positioned securely on an unmoving flat. The transmitter sends information to Wattson. The standard version of Wattson costs £149.50. The Limited edition costs £350.00. In other words, Wattson costs you what it can help you save in energy costs.

Wattson by Diy Kyoto 5

Wattson by Diy Kyoto 4

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