Puzzle Persian Rug And Puzzle Doilies By Katrin Sonnleitner

Puzzle Persian Rug Katrin Sonnleitner

You remember when you were little and sworn one day you’ll built a house from Lego pieces with tables from Lego pieces and chairs from Lego pieces and live there? Well that’s kinda what I thought when I saw this Puzzle Carpet! A childhood dream came true!

You can make your own PuzzlePerser, just like you want it, how big you want it! This surprising Persian rug is made of recyclable mixture of synthetic and natural rubber and you’d have to be patient because they’re about 1225 pieces/sqm!

Puzzle Persian Rug Katrin Sonnleitner 2

Then again, if the Persian Rug is not really your thing and you have less time (and patience), you can always go for a Handarbeit Puzzle, pieces of photo print on cardboard that you can use as doilies or else! Katrin Sonnleitner designs pieces of childhood dreams to be taken with moderation!

Puzzle Persian Rug Katrin Sonnleitner 3

Puzzle Persian Rug Katrin Sonnleitner 4

Puzzle Doilies Katrin Sonnleitner

Puzzle Doilies Katrin Sonnleitner 3

Puzzle Doilies Katrin Sonnleitner 1

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  3. can I find it in any website to buy?
    its very great idea. I would like to have one.


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