Colorful Interior Decoration Ideas With Robyn Karp Interiors

white walls printed rug framed wallpaper

When it comes to decorating a living space area, it’s all down to your imagination. Whether it’s about colors or prints, shapes or silhouettes, a plain room can become the home you ever dreamed of. Or beyond your wildest imagination.

It’s all in the details. A piece here, a print there, bound them in a bouquet or just pick one item to make your room inspiration today. Robyn Karp Interiors:

white walls printed rug brown curtains

white walls printed rug room

Robyn Karp Interiors is a happy mother-daughter team. Based in NY, they come with very cozy and out-of-Manhattan ideas to make your house living-friendly. Also, the different perspective given by the age leap works in their benefit since they appear to take the hip and the traditional and make it an inspirational advantage-blend.

white blue room

pink orange room

pink purple interior

pink wall

peachy grey interior

light purple yellow interior

white pastel colors room

butter natural wood apartment interior

white livingroom silver blue accents

light blue white interior

light brown grey interior

light blue brown accents apartment interior

butter blue brown interior

brown walls

wallpaper wenge wooden flooring

interior white walls printed rug room

turquoise brown apartment interior

turquoise brown interior

zebra rug

white silver bathroom

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