Birdhouse By Emilie Cazin

Balcony Birdhouse Emilie Cazin

This beautiful Birdhouse imagined and signed by the young French designer Emilie Cazin really is a work of urban art.

In the concrete context of our modern cities, this wooden birdhouse is an open invitation to nature. A hand reaching out to the wild.

Emilie Cazin Birdhouse

Emilie Cazin created this Birdhouse in her natural need to connect with the nature, even if cloistered in a city apartment. Openly inspired by the urban building-landscape, with hanging antennas, the Birdhouse is a strange reminder of a parabolic antenna for nature.

Birdhouse Emilie Cazin

Wooden Birdhouse Emilie Cazin

Birdhouse by Emilie Cazin

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  1. This birdhouse is not ventilated; the roof should overhang the sides, which should gap the roof, allowing ventilation. Any birds and/or their young, using this birdhouse, could die of overheating.

    Wildlife lover

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