The Library Bath By Malin Lundmark

Library Bath Malin Lundmark

Is it a bathtub? Is it an armchair? Is it a bookshelf? All that and more in the new Library Bath by Swedish designer Malin Lundmark!

For all those trying to spend a relaxing moment in the bathtub, catch up with the latest literature bestsellers, this could be la piece de resistance for you! Malin herself admits that her designs tell a story and they’re placed at the very limit of scenography so this Library bath comes as little surprise for those familiar with her dreamy ways. I would’ve had a computer instead of those books, but maybe I’m just not old fashioned enough for this beautiful bathtub!

Library Bath Malin Lundmark 2

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  2. Seriously?

    Look at that first picture.. the wood working is sloppy, doesn’t line up, and is basically a bunch of square planks and some glue. i don’t even think they bothered to sand the wood or at the very least at a stain. that thing wouldn’t even hold water, let alone a normal sized person.

    taking a concept, slapping it together, taking a picture, posting that picture on the internet. let’s hope for some traffic. lame.


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