Alatka By Maja Mesić

Alatka Maja Mesic

It may not immediately look like deco-established-fact, but Maja Mesić, a young Croatian industrial designer sent us her awarded Alatka project. Alatka has so many implications, I dare not outcount it from deco-related themes!

It’s not just a pencil, it has been created for so much more than just writing! Created to adapt the movement and the drawing position of the hand, Alatka could be the next drawing innovation! (not to mention an aesthetic revolution of the writing tools!) Looking forward to Maja Mesić’s future creations! (for more information about the designer/product, you can email maja.productdesigner at

Alatka Maja Mesic 1

Alatka Maja Mesic 2

Alatka Maja Mesic 3

Alatka Maja Mesic 4

Alatka Maja Mesic 5

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  1. Where can I buy Alatka By Maja Mesić?

    Stephen Court

  2. You can contact the author of this project, her name is Maja Mesić, you have her mail on australian design review…I think it is


  3. great!


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