Multiuser Ohm Lounger By Isu

The Ohm Lounger by Isu

If your childhood was depraved by that wonderful invention called suspended beds, this is your grown up chance to live it again in re:fined mode!

The Ohm lounger is a two tiered chaise longue that offers sitting possibilities for two or more persons. The Ohm Lounger is made of tubular frame with woven elasticated webbing and CMHR foam by the Midlands-based designer and furniture manufacturer Isu. The wool fabric’s color can be changed by the client (64 colors available). There’s one thing I can’t really figure out – how can you watch tv in multi user mod on this beautiful Ohm Lounger? Oh, nevermind, who needs to watch anything other than the Ohm lounger? It’s simply stunning!

The Ohm Lounger by Isu 2

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  2. Great design but lumbago sufferers beware!

    Dolly Bird

  3. Lumbago sufferers beware? Really? I thought it was the opposite. Apparantly not. I’v viewed this chair now so often with desire and the feeling of comfort….Well, okay then I can stop dreaming about this chair, which I love but cannot afford anyway…..


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