Collection Particuliere Furniture By David/Nicolas

collectors furniture David Nicolas Collection Particuliere

The mini – furniture items above, signed by David/Nicolas were shaped with design passion for a collector’s passion. These are one – off pieces made upon request to meet the needs of two pens collectors.

Preserving their writing instruments collections in a lavish manner makes the visual delight of these personalized creations – each piece comes with a special encryption of the owner’s name written in ‘morse code’.

David Nicolas pens collection furniture

The basic shell is massive maple wood with hand – sculpted wooden legs on the front and a single, stainless steel leg on the back. The special shaped drawers are covered in Alcantara fabric while the interior is padded with light gray thermoformed velvet.

David Nicolas Collection Particuliere morse code owner name

The David/Nicolas Beirut based design studio was co – founded by David Raffoul and Nicolas Moussallem in 2011. Their vision, approach and philosophy got them as far as the most renowned international exhibitions (Milan, Miami, Amsterdam, Paris and so forth) and their journey has merely begun, I’m certain their style will furthermore spread and expand.

David Nicolas Collection Particuliere drawers

David Nicolas Collection Particuliere Alcantara drawers

collectors furniture David Nicolas details

David Nicolas Collection Particuliere inside drawer

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