The Grandbazaar Sofa By Maybe Design

Grandbazaar Sofa by Maybe Design 2

If you have resident Alladdin fantasies, this could be your answer!

The Grandbazaar Sofa is an authentic oriental product, made by the Turkish design brand Maybe Design and featured at the recent Vienna Design Week. Even if it looks more like a bench than a sofa, the simple fairy tale analogy makes it special and attractive. It could bright up the uniformity of an interior, it could bring a smile on your visitors faces! I know I’d want to sit on the Grandbazaar Sofa, see if it flies away!

Grandbazaar Sofa by Maybe Design 1

Grandbazaar Sofa by Maybe Design 3

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  1. Wow, look at that! Simple yet intricate.

    Throw in a couple Asian paintings to create a charming oriental theme for your home.


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