La Cividina Globos Colored Sofa

La Cividina Globos 3

This is not your average furniture set and could only work in carefully decorated interiors.

La Cividina is a company that’s specialized in seating and furniture artisan products. Its name clearly points out the “Made in Italy” label carried around the World through the company’s special creations. Stefano Bigi is one of the house’s designers. He finished his Arts studies in France and being specialized in furniture design, mainly sofas and chairs. Globos is Stefano’s creation. A wooden frame with non deformable polyurethane and polyester fiber upholstery, Globos comes with non removable covers (you can choose fabric or leather). Globos measures 71cm/56cm in widh, 78cm/36cm in depth, a 44cm/34cm sitting height from a total height of 78cm/34cm, depending on its components.

La Cividina Globos 2
La Cividina Globos 1
La Cividina Globos 4

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