Ingenious Clampology By Jorre Van Ast

Clampology Jorre Van Ast 3

If you could use a little hook, a book stop or a candle holder, Clampology is there to help!

Made by the Dutch designer Jorre Van Ast, Clampology is a collection of clamps with multiple functions and varied use. It’s easy to make its way into your life, being such a known product, so you can consider a clamp-a-cable or clamp-a-candle made by Jorre Van Ast just because they’re handy and user-friendly.

Clampology Jorre Van Ast 4

Clampology Jorre Van Ast 2

Clampology Jorre Van Ast 1

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  1. This is great! Oh, shame on me I’ve to find these here while I’m Dutch! Ouch……


  2. Oh, feel less shameful he works and lives in the UK!


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