Transformable Lamp: Prairie By Marco Guazzini

versatile lamp Prairie by Marco Guazzini

Lighting will always be one of my favorite design topics as it comes in so many shades and shapes! The Marco Guazzini Prairie lamp, although made of plastic, is unexpectedly efficient and appealing.

With a silhouette hinting back at nomad caravans (to some it may very well seem inspired by baby stroller prams), this Prairie prototype lamp was first exhibited at ‘Abitare il Tempo’ exhibition in Verona, 2012.

transformable lamp Prairie by Marco Guazzini

I’m especially fond of the ombre effect created by the three segments of injected plastic printed in black (for the base) and lighter shades of grey for the mobile segments, attached to a hinge. The mobile segments can be either opened or closed, thus modifying the light intensity.

transformable lamp Prairie by Marco Guazzini intermediate

Marco Guazzini is an Italian designer who established his working base in Milan after living in New York for six years. His creations are deeply sourced in the sensory experience of the human individual but gravitate towards a functional destination, all in emotionally engaging the end – user.

transformable plastic lamp Prairie by Marco Guazzini

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