Fresh West For Mooi Brave New World Lamp

Brave New World lamp Freshwest MOOI

Sometimes, the simplest, most amazing things come from children. Their unpremeditated way to shape and vision the world has the purity and the clairvoyance of the most talented designer.

Brave New World is a brave new lamp created by Fresh West for MOOI. There wasn’t anything planned or carefully measured before making this lamp. It all started as a concept piece and grew up to be a very carefully notched and pegged together assembly of pieces of wood.

Brave New World lamp Fresh west MOOI

The finished product keeps the roughness of a plan-less product but compensates in design impression what lacks in prior measurements and planning. The natural oak frame and the cast iron balancing weights while raising eyebrows work together for an unexpected and innovative effect. Brave New World by Fresh West for MOOI is definitely a sculpture more than a lamp! (doesn’t it remind you of Pixar’s iconic lamp?)

Brave New World lamp Freshwest MOOI detail

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