Spacewalker By Constatin Wortmann

Spacewalker floor Constantin Wortmann exhibition picture

The Spacewalker is a lamp. With a twin brother named Spacewalker Floor. The only difference between the two is that one spends its life upside down and the other standing on the floor.

With a height/length of 1,400cm and a width of 810cm, the Spacewalker by Constantin Wortmann comes in transparent white but you can add some colored bulbs to raise pulses (you can choose from red, blue and green or other on request). The tiny spacewalker weights 25kg. Why not have the Spacewalker Floor with a red bulb, dress it up like Santa and put it under the Christmas Tree?

Spacewalker by Constantin Wortmann

Ceiling Spacewalker Constantin Wortmann

Spacewalker Floor by Constantin Wortmann

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  1. I love it!Especially in orange.I’ll look out for it eventhough it reminds me of Halloween.
    On second thought the white one’s quite nice too.

    Dolly Bird

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