Milano Selfstanding Radiators By Tubes Radiatori

Radiators Milano by Tubes Radiatori

I love radiators that don’t look as such. Crossing over the classic and limitative border of normal radiators is always a great design move.

Tubes Radiatori spawned Milano, a new generation of hydraulic radiators. Tubes Milao are made of steel but you can choose the color of the paint to match your interior so no one would notice their actual function. You can use the tubes either standing on their own because there’s a supportive base to them but you can also attach them to the walls for a great statuesque effect. I look forward to more radiator shapes that I could consider part of my interior rather than a functional piece only meant to heat the space. (via)

Radiators Milano by Tubes Radiatori 1

Radiators Milano by Tubes Radiatori 2

Radiators Milano by Tubes Radiatori 3

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  1. I liked it at first sight and then common sense came over me and I find them a wee bit cluttering.I’m a dust buster and might go beserk at the sight of the dust that will eventually fall into every crook and cranny of these tubes.I love the idea though, so perhaps there’s some hope for me afterall.

    Dolly Bird

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