Idle Max Pendant Lamp By David Abad

Idle Max pendant lamp David Abad detail

How about a handful of bulbs? The Idle Max bulb by David Abad is a gorgeous piece of interior lighting.

7, 13 or 19 clear bulbs held together with an adjustable ring. You can choose the length and the color of the cords, but the result will still be the same – a simple, yet stunningly beautiful pendant lamp by David Abad. I’m bound to look at it from the Season’s perspective and admit the red cords along with the clear bulbs make a great Christmas decoration.

Idle Max pendant lamp David Abad

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  1. Very interesting. Has an Art Deco feel to me. The varying lengths concept is great too.These lustres will certainly be a collectors item one day as light bulbs like these are disappearing due to eco-unfriendliness.Fairy eco bulbs are taking over.
    Nevertheless this lustre is so appealing.

    Dolly Bird

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