Brodie Neill M-Lights And Morphie Lamps

M Lights hanging lamps Brodie Neill

I admit being somewhat fascinated by Mr Brodie Neill’s creations. As such, I talked about his work few months ago and now I’m at it again.

Because he really works curvaceously wonderful things! The hanging lamps going by the name of M-Lights are a thermo formed acrylic/stainless steel/halogen lighting system that you can hang from your ceiling either as a singular morphing shape or in a beautiful flowing flock.

Morphie wall lamp Brodie Neill

Morphie, the acrylic/aluminum dual layered wall lamp is like M-Lights sister, only in xlarge. Manufactured by Kundalini, this beautiful Morphie lamp by Brodie Neill makes an ethereal addition to any interior.

Morphie lamp Brodie Neill

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  1. I agree Brodie Neill’s work is fascinating.The linear simplicity is so refined.

    Dolly Bird

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