Brindilles By François Azambourg For Ligne Roset

brindilles ligne roset

This beautiful ceiling light is made from fiber optic cables and LED’s all stitched together in a Plexiglas fitting.

The 108 LED’s look magical and even if the Holiday Season approaches, you can keep this stunning Brindilles ceiling light by François Azambourg for Ligne Roset all year long. The Brindilles comes in two lengths 2,600mm for a 900mm diameter, and 1,500mm for the same diameter. You can have it shorter or longer, but its Brindilles beauty still remains.

brindilles ligne roset 2

brindilles ligne roset detail

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  2. […] If you want a creative and unique light, try the Brindilles. A beautiful ceiling light that is made from fiber optic cables and LED, all stitched together in a Plexiglas fitting. It has 108 LED lights that looks magical and will make you feel like you are in the wonderland. Designed by Francois Azmbourg fro Ligne Roset, the Brindilles can be used all year long. It comes in two different lengths that include the 2,600mm and the 1,500mm for a 900mm diameter. No matter what is your preferred length, the beauty and magic of the Brindilles will remain. This can be perfect for the Christmas season, for it looks like sparkling firecrackers. – via […]

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  4. I really need some visual inspiration like this for my next design project for graduate school.
    Can you give me advice on some designers for more inspiration like this one, Beau Mcclellan, Serge Mouille or Deligfhtfull.
    I really enjoyed your blog. I’ll come back to see what you post next.

    Nicholle Allen

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