Private House, Lake Hollywood

Private House Lake Hollywood 6

This beautiful house with direct view on Lake Hollywood combines glass and stone in an elegant and luxurious finish.

The spaces are opened and the shapes rectangular for the most part. The fascinating floating living room has completely retractable windows inviting the nature within through the carefully designed terrace. The metal details on the wooden walls add a studied roughness, completely unexpected when first looking at this stylish interior. I like the multi bauble ceiling lamp from the kitchen, it’s a new interpretation of a classic cooking space.

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  2. Awesome house! I like how second floor is hang over the pool.

  3. That looks amazing!


  4. I find this house entirely to my taste, but what do I know; I’m an android.


  5. This is the most beautiful house I have ever seen. I want to squat it!

  6. Nice house, when will it be finished? But seriously, it’s a house only SoCal would embrace. I can’t imagine what it would cost to heat and cool this place.


  7. That looks awesome :)

  8. Beautiful house. I would hazard a guess at a price tag thats more than double what Ill make in my entire life though. :(


  9. ccccoooooooooollllllll


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  11. not so private any more.


  12. boring design, very bland…

    the only compelling parts are the exposed stone walls with the black steel support structure exposed…

  13. Beautiful is beautiful!


  14. what challenge is there in making a “luxurious” house with an unlimited budget? the house is retarded.


  15. Are those real pictures? Because of how materials look like I would guess that those are computer-generated renderings…

    Misha Belyayev

  16. All of these modern houses look beautiful in their apparent simplicity, but you never see a dirty dish or a sweatshirt thrown on a chair. Who lives in these beauties?


  17. Who lives in this house? Someone who can afford to hire full time help.s


  18. one of the smoothest houses i have ever seen!

    Clubit retail

  19. Really beautiful house. i like the water features quite a lot. It would be very cool to use collected and treated rain water to supply water for these fixtures.

  20. What a fabulous house. The rich do live better!


  21. Must be a bitch to cool with all the windows.


  22. What camera were all those shots taken on? They’re beautiful images…

  23. I believe this is on Arrowhead Drive, with over 9000 square ft and taxed at over $8 million its not just a “home” its a mansion!


  24. Does anyone else think that this was the house on entourage?


  25. Ugly house. Ostentatious. Not warm, inviting or homey feeling.
    A homage to someone’s ego.


  26. is anybody else tired of gawking at all the splendor of these ultra modern mansions? yeah their beautiful. stuff cant make you happy.


  27. How much does this place cost? Will pay anything to get it.

    I want this

  28. I LOVE THAT HOUSE! I am sure I’d have to be a mega million gazillionare like artist Todd Goldman to afford something like that! Nice find. I love the lighting too!


  29. What ??????


  30. Fantastic house. Love to live in here.

    Your daily photo depot

  31. A house designed by a frustrated artist who thinks he’s an architect. A totally impractible dwelling. Get an extension ladder out every time the out of reach ledges need dusting or the inside of the windows need cleaning.

  32. Absolutely awesome, I want this guy’s job!!! :P


  33. Waooo, this is cool, like the creativity.


  34. Creative architechure as art! Wonderful design and very livable for those who like to live in a a world of aesthetical beauty beyond normal practicality. Nat-sayers: stick with your “McMansions” in the burbs! This place is for originals


  35. this house is beautiful i would love to purchase it if i could

    The Music Producer--King Kobra

  36. I want to take a dump in that houses toilet


    Tom Mado

  37. Very elegant, love the view and the design. The only bad part i see is the too much glass is used. Therefore there wont be any privacy. Anyone outside can see whats going on inside. But overall great.

    Would make a great party place.!!!


  38. Isn’t this house used in the moive “Hostage” starring Bruce Willis? If it is, will someone email me?


  39. Superb photographs. A little too open to the outside world for my taste, but very nicely done. Thanks for posting.

  40. Wow… Its really beautiful House!


  41. This reminds me of the house David Duchovny’s ex live in on Californication.


  42. I don’t think it gets any better than this.

    Laura Lee

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  45. A show piece indeed but not much of a real home!


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  47. I agree with Alan, it’s about as homely as a hotel lobby.
    It does look pretty rad though. No space for a recording studio which is a shame. I’d have to build an extension…


  48. Very Very Beautiful !

    Yeah !

    Mark Hoppus

  49. i agree with mark hoppus =]
    its a very very beautiful house =]


  50. Hey mark,if you buy this house,can i live in your cabinet washroom please ?

    David Jackson

  51. I LOVE this shack! It is exactly what I want, I just need to win EuroMillionssd

    Bingo Clubs

  52. Hey Mark it’s ok you can live at my house! :p


  53. Mark!don’t complain!u CAN afford it:)


  54. Oh Yeah! Just perfect!


  55. This house is very beautiful, just perfect

  56. what is so cool about it cause i woudnt want my parents to be just wasting money


  57. a dream come true. visually appealing; works well with its surrounding Californian environment. doesn’t matter if the mansion “pays homage to some ego” (as someone mentioned earlier), the point of the structure is to be different than conventional.


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  59. Someday I will own this house!


  60. Ive been dreaming about this house or style of house like this for years its wierd to actually see it, i would change the furniture though and its not quiet right but i like it

    jjccc coronet



  62. This house is at the end of my street. Almost everyone in the neighborhood hates it, as it was jammed into a lot meant for a much smaller home. Last time I checked, they wanted 12.5 for it.


  63. man this home is ossam if someone say me that u live in the washroom i say okay


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  65. I jog around lake Hollywood and love living in the Beachwood Canyon area! I love this house so much! Really well done and beautiful! I want it now! please…


  66. its a cool home, i want to life there if i got all that money XD. no serious, its beautiful.


  67. really fabulous house !!when i saw this i told myself im gonna have one like that too in the near future…lol!!perfectly just bought a lot overlooking a scenic dat one..absolutely my dream house!!!


  68. Simply irresistable…..Who wrote that song? This is not my beautiful house!!! Who wrote those lyrics?
    Mi casa es su casa… Si pero no es mi casa.. LOL!!!
    I’ll get as close to you my sweet home as I can one day – for much less than this guy paid for it uh huh uh huh…Working on it now as I live and breath……:)


  69. oh, Steven now you post a comment my little architect since we hired you for the job….


  70. wow awesome…..what a wounderful home …there is no words to explain about this house….im finding the words…………. i love the view and the design. The only bad part i see is the too much glass is we can’t able to feel the freeness & Therefore there wont be any privacy. Anyone outside can see whats going on inside. But overall great.


  71. amazing house…… looks very cozy


  72. It would be a cool place to have a party


  73. I really do appreciate the many aspects of this structure. That’s the thing. It feels like a structure, not so much a home. I am a modernist, but I still desire warmth. With all of the glass, I don’t feel the light. It’s pretty cool, though.

    maria dziubla

    maria dziubla

  74. love the kichen…gorgeous.


  75. eww. veryy uglyy house :P”

  76. This is the most beautiful house I have ever seen.


  77. waowwwwwwwwww………….my dream home…….i wish i would buy this………udham kerdia hai….owsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i want this house passionatly :)


  78. the washroom is so fabulous!
    but it could be a shower? it’s so openly


  79. oh goodness! this house is my dream house! i want it!!!
    hmmm i would like to know more information (prize, location universities..) where there is a house similar to this one near a lake, it doesn’t matter where in the u.s.a. is there a way you could contact me?
    Thank You(:


  80. One day I’ll go to l.a., sell my script to film studio, and then I’m gonna buy this house.


  81. Hey. Who is the architect of this house?


  82. this is incredibly awesome…someday im gonna built house of my own and it’ll be just exactly one of those

    Angel Faith

  83. yo house is da boom…ima take it from you lol hope you dont mind..!!! :)


  84. This is awesome house. I will buy this house very soon, or perhaps build similar in my town.


  85. love the house i’m going to buy the house when I’ll grow up


  86. love them i wish i have mine


  87. Hm! I can only express my admiration in silence.


  88. i live in that house.


  89. i love this house im wishing i will live in one like it when im older


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